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About us

We are the first Academic Translation Center in the Mexican market. Our services are mainly focused on scientific/technical documents. Our work is supported by the collaboration between experienced translators and professionals from the science and
engineering areas.

Alpha Translations innovates the conventional translation services as demonstrated by our exclusive quality system, our multidisciplinary team, and our work methodology. Thus, we provide suitable translations for the industrial, academic, and commercial sectors.

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“Scientific and technical translations that demand a high proficiency and academical level from our in-house experts.”

Quality System

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ALPHA has established a two-step quality system:

1. The presentation of the translated text is checked, emphasizing on spelling, grammar, and the appropriate format.

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you can find our corporate at:

Av. Insurgentes Sur 1458, Piso 19, Actipan, Benito Juarez, C.P. 03230, Ciudad de México
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