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Written Translation
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Every translation is done by an in-house team of experienced translators. A quality control is performed by professionals and academical experts on the respective areas.


We have an extensive experience translating documents from several sciences, including pharmaceutical, chemistry, biology, genetics, biotechnology, medicine, engineering, as well as legal documents and texts for marketing purposes (localization).


We offer translations from more than 60 languages.


Certified translations from several languages performed by experts authorized by the High Court of Justice of Mexico City.

Written Translation
Audiovisual translation and services
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Subtitling of movies, series, documentaries, soap operas, webinars, conferences, videogames, training and motivational videos, medical videoclips, and others.


-Translation for subtitling.


-Script for dubbing:

-CCSL (continuity script): a representation in paper of all dialogues, characters, time codes, scene description, graphs.

-Spotting list: transcription with time codes.



-Closed captioning: subtitling for the hearing impaired.

-Simultaneous interpreting with voice casting.

-Conform (subtitle adaptation to several formats).

-Edition and postproduction: flash mobs, videoclips, corporate , educational, or institutional videos.

-Creation of radio and TV spots.

-Service for DVD and Blu-Ray copyright: creation of a master disc with subtitles, dubbing, and duplication.

-Digital Cinema Package (DCP): compressed and coded files ready to be projected in movie theaters including subtitling and dubbing.

AV Translation
Language interpreting services
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Simultaneous and concurrent language interpreting for congresses, symposia, business meetings, institutional and corporate events.

Interpreting of several European and Asian languages, Mexican indigenous languages, and sign languages.


On-site and remote service via Zoom, video call, phone call, or meeting applications.


Whole or half booth service (according to the ISO standard). Audio equipment rental.


Escorting interpreters for travel, business meetings or on-site visits and inspections in manufacturing plants.

Simultaneos Interpretation
Block-chain translation for cryptocurrencies
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What is a block-chain?

A block chain is a list of every transaction registered in which a particular cryptocurrency was involved. This record is not centralized and uses cryptography as protection. The aim is to provide an independent, unbreachable, and transparent platform that represents a safe means to store, transmit, and process confidential information for the members of the chain.

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Any block-chain should be translated to other languages if a cryptocurrency needs to reach markets in other countries.


Alpha Translations is the very first agency that provides block-chain translation for the financial institutions issuing cryptocurrency in Mexico.

Blockchain translation
Regulatory Services
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To obtain registration for drug products (chemical, biotechnological, biological, vaccines, over-the-counter products), medical devices, foodstuffs, nutraceuticals, food supplements, and cosmetics.


Regulatory services

-Regulatory assessment. Gap analysis.

-Sanitary registration process.

-Expert reports service.

-Post-marketing services.

-Extensions and modifications.

-Pharmacovigilance and technovigilance.

-Dossier preparation.

-Workshops and training.


Design of regulatory strategies

-Due diligence.

-Feasibility assessment to obtain product registration.

-Establishment of strategies aimed to preserve and to provide continuity for the product portfolio within the market.

-Strategic planning.

-Regulatory and strategic consultation service.


Certification for Good Practices/sanitary license

-Good manufacturing practices.

-Good laboratory practices.

-Good clinical practices.


-Good distribution practices


Foodstuffs, food supplements, and nutraceuticals


-Advertising campaigns.

-Regulatory strategies.



-Ethics committee.

-Evaluation – KOL.

-Simulated meetings.


Services for the industry



-Legal representation.

-Pharmacovigilance and technovigilance unit.




-Import and export services.

-Regulatory strategies.


Regulatory Services
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